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4 Things to Consider Before Remodeling

4 Things to Consider Before Remodeling

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen or any room in your home? Give me a call and I’ll connect you with reputable tradespeople in our network so you can design a new kitchen you’ll love! We can even suggest the updates buyers are looking for prior to your renovation!

The Kitchen is the hub of the home; the place where we gather to cook, eat, and connect with our family and friends.

Homeowners renovate their kitchens for many reasons – to update it before listing to improve storage and functionality, or just for a fresh look.

We have several articles this month focusing on tips and strategies to guide you through your kitchen renovation!

Things to Consider Before You Remodel

  1. Why are you remodeling? Are you planning to sell soon, or do you simply want to improve the style and function of the area? The answer to this question will help you deiced the scope of your project and your overall budget.
  2. How long do you plan to live in the home? If you plan to move within five years, consider a renovation that will give you the highest return on investment. If you plan to stay in the home for a decade or longer, consider making long-term functional improvements that fit your style and budget.
  3. Do you have or plan to have children? If so, you may want to choose durable, easy to clean materials for your renovation.
  4. Are you planning to live in the home during the project? If you’re planning a major renovation, consider arranging accommodations off-site so you won’t be inconvenienced.

While many homeowners give the kitchen a minor update to keep it modern, others choose a full remodel to improve the style and function of the space, make it more attractive to potential buyers or just enjoy it more!

We hope these tips help you design the kitchen of your dreams!

Oh by the way… if you or someone you know would appreciate the level of service I provide, please contact me below or give me a call 970-985-8555

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