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SMASH Your 2019 Goals

SMASH Your 2019 Goals

Tips on How to SMASH Your 2019 Goals

The New Year is less than a month away; however, the best time to set goals for 2019 is now!

If you’re like many people, you may wish to create goals pertaining to your finances, whether you wish to keep more of what you earn or achieve financial freedom once and for all.

The excitement of the New Year prompts us to set ambitious goals; however, a month or two into the year, our goals have often long been forgotten.

The information we have for you this month is intended to encourage you to set REALISTIC goals that you’re invested in achieving.


  • Identify what you TRUELY want,
  • Set SMART goals
  • Create a reasonable action plan

these tips will help you end 2019 even more financially fit than you are now!


Even if you experience a setback, don’t give up!

It’s normal to face challenges, such as an unexpected bill or home repair, a job loss or another change in your circumstances.

It’s tempting to give up. Instead of quitting, adjust the time frame in which you expect to reach your goal. Although it may take you longer, you have a better chance of achieving your goal than if you just quit!


A financial professional can provide you with the advice you need to create sound financial goals and establish your legacy.

If you’d like a referral to a reputable financial professional in our area, give me a call!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season! Check back for more tips on how to reach your 2019 goals throughout December.

As always, if you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling contact me below or call me at 970-985-8555

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