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How to Track Your Goals

How to Track Your Goals

What do you track to achieve your goals?

With 2019 right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what we would like to achieve in the coming year.

Many have goals pertaining to finances, whether it’s to save for retirement or a down payment on a home, build wealth through investment or reduce debt.

In fact, more than 77% of American were expected to make a New Year’s resolution for 2018, and the trend is sure to continue as we head into 2019.

When we set goals, it is always with high expectations and good intent.

However, a few months into the year, after the initial motivation is gone, many will struggle to stay on track.

What we are missing is a solid plan of action to guide and motivate us so we stay on the path to achieving our goals.

4 Items to Track to Reach Your Goals

  1. A budget – A budget will provide a visual representation of your spending activities, income, and expenses. If you’re looking for extra money, identify ways to reduce your expenses, specifically non-essential expenses that tend to add up, such as frequent restaurant dining, online shopping splurges, etc.
  2. Expenses – Closely tracking your expenses helps you commit to your budget and ensures you have extra money to apply toward reducing your debt or increasing your savings.
  3. Defined Steps to Achievement – Create a specific plan with defined steps to achieve your goals
  4. Place a visual reminder of your goal in sight –  Having your goal in clear view daily is a powerful reminder and motivation for what you want to achieve.

Keep an eye out all month for great content that will help you reach your goals!

When creating financial goals it’s helpful to have professional advice. If you’re looking for a reputable professional, give me a call for a referral.

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