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Boredom Busting Projects for Kids

When it comes to kid-friendly projects, a little advance planning helps avoid last-minute trips to the store and provides your child with a smooth DIY experience. Tip: Make sure kids have safety goggles and dust masks, just in case.

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Stage Your Yard? Tips for Making the Outside and Gorgeous as the Inside

How your home looks from the exterior — can increase your home’s sales value up to 17%, a Texas Tech University study found. That's right! Stage Your Yard! Tips for Making the Outside and Gorgeous as the Inside:

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Info Graphic Kate Porras Real Estate Home Buying Road Map

How to Buy a Home – The Home Buying Road Map

Ever wondered what steps you need to take to buy a home? You picked the perfect place to start....

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Infographic 6 tips before selling your home

What to Do BEFORE You Sell Your House – 6 Tips

Are you getting ready to navigate the home selling process? Here are 6 Tips to do BEFORE you sell. Can you guess what #1 is?

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House Meme smiling

Truth About Viewing Homes Online

Although this is a great place to begin, it’s important to keep in mind that all may not be as it seems. Here are our top tips to avoid getting duped by listings online.

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Meme waiting for appraisal

5 Steps for a Better Home Appraisal

If you’re looking to refinance your home or possibly sell, you’ll need a killer appraisal. A bank will not refinance a home for more than it is worth, and a potential buyer will not pay more than the recognized value of the home. Here are 5 simple steps for a better home appraisal.

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Meme the face you make

Ins & Outs of Home Inspection

Home inspection is a crucial step in the home buying process. After finding the perfect house, you will want to ensure that there are no hidden faults that may require lengthy and expensive repairs or renovations down the line. To prepare you for this process, here are the top four things you need to know.

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Smart Home Meme

What You Need to Know About Smart Home Tech

If you are considering installing smart-home technology in your home or looking to buy a home that is equipped with some of those devices, you want to ensure you do your research so you can make educated decisions. Here are three important factors to consider!

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Pic of Kate Porras To Do List mouse pad

Get Things DONE with This ‘To Do’ List

Here's the BEST 'To Do' list I've found I designed to help you be the master of time management by focusing your energy and efforts. I suggest laminating a copy to reuse, sometimes the best tools are the most basic!

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Jackie Chan Meme

What’s That Mean – Real Estate Terminology

Whether your first-time home buyers or seasoned movers, it's likely you'll need clarification of a term or two throughout the transaction. This Easy to use 'Real Estate Terminology' sheet highlights the most commonly used, client-facing real estate terms from A to Z!

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Pic of guy from the 300 movie househunting

House Hunting – What NOT To Do

House hunting can be stressful, but NOT when you have experts like us on hand! Here are a few tips on what NOT to do, when your viewing homes.

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Meme of crown molding feature

House Hunting Check List-PRINTABLE

This helpful checklist makes it easy for you to keep track of your notes about potential homes. With questions regarding both the home and neighborhood, the House Hunting Checklist is a great way to note why the property will or won't work.

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