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Need More Space?

Need More Space?

Need More Space?

Do you ever feel like your running out of room? We can help you find more space!!

Whether you’re growing out of your old home due to a new family member, or feeling cramped in your current city, you can call Kate Porras Real Estate for a no obligation equity evaluation on your property and get the space you need now!! 970-985-8555

America’s Cities Are Running Out of Room

According to National Real Estate Investors .com America’s cities are running out of room! And has the Top 5 Cities that are running  out of homes the fastest!

Not Ready for a New Home?

Maybe it’s not in your budget this year. Call Kate Porras Real Estate and we can help you get there! In the meantime check out this great tip from Metro Texas News about how to “Raise the Roof” and renovate your attic for more space!

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