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ONLY Days Left to Save Veterans Art Center

ONLY Days Left to Save Veterans Art Center

Have you heard? The Daily Sentinel reported last week that our local Veterans Art Center is,

threatened by uncertain finances. Founder Wendy Hoffman is asking for help paying off the building, which she obtained a personal loan to buy five years ago. A $175,000 balloon payment is due Oct. 30.

This is an amazing organization which has established a variety of programs to assist the military, veterans and their families, to help them heal and to provide reintegration support.

Their website says they,

are a nonprofit organization for the benefit of Veterans and their families whose mission is healing through the arts. The arts are the tools that we make use of to make that happen. We use the Arts because they work. We are really here for betterment of our whole community. We save lives and help people move in positive directions. You can be an underwriter who helps make Grand Junction a stronger community.

But it is SO much more, just stroll into the shop on the corner of 12th & Ute and you’ll see why they’re worth supporting!


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